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Tepebo farm was established 2 years ago as Youth Corps member serving in Oyo State,
The initial startup capital came from my parents, church cooperative loan and part of the 'popular allawe' from youth service .I asked and got permission to use our family landed property of about 3 plots of land to construct the first set of ponds: four 4m by 4m by 1.2m depth that can stock a thousand fingerlings each .
The production cycle started in June 2012, with about 2500 juveniles and continuous stocking of 3000 fingerlings every other month till December last year. This led to the construction of additional 10 big ponds i.e. 4m by 6m by 1.5m used as grow out pond availing us the opportunity to stock fingerlings and produce table size fish every month.
After the first cycle of six month and impressive sales figure, the lesson learnt/challenges of sourcing fingerlings outside the farm, I re-invested my turn over to construct a standard hatchery ,this was done using local initiative of a smart plumber and copying the standard imported ones in the market.
The production from the hatchery so far has been impressive; competing with long established farms for sales and also meeting the farm needs as at when necessary.
To increase my product line and with the gift of 3 smoking kiln from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, we decided to package smoke fish that will meet not only with local/national market but also compete internationally.

Our Vision: To produce high quality, affordable aqua-cultural products ranging from fingerlings, juveniles, table size fish, and package smoked fish to meet both local and international market. In doing this, we have leverage on best international practice considering our environment as “common wealth” for us now and generations coming.
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Hon Minister of Agriculture & Ogun State Governor with CEO of Tepebo Farms during 2013 National Council of state for Agriculture

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